Millimeter wave radar sensor to improve the accuracy of parking space detection

Published by admin 2021-04-23 07:20:30

VMANX uses Acconeer's PCR radar sensor and geomagnetic sensor in its parking sensor to improve the accuracy of the parking space detection module. The sensor module can accurately detect the parking space occupancy and idle state, and transmit the detection results to the relevant intelligent parking system and management platform.

Millimeter wave radar sensor to improve the accuracy of parking space detection

The single geomagnetic sensor solution is susceptible to interference from surrounding magnetic fields, leading to false alarms, so other sensors need to be used to improve accuracy. Because PCR radar sensor is not affected by temperature, light, vibration, magnetic field and other environments, it can perfectly solve this problem. Prior to this, VMANX compared other sensors, such as 24GHz radar, ultrasonic sensors and infrared sensors. VMANX found that Acconeer's PCR radar sensor has the advantages of small size, low power consumption, strong anti-interference ability, easy integration and development, and compliance with laws and regulations. These are the key considerations of the company.

 VMANX understands that the bandwidth of the ISM band allocated to 24G is 250MHz, which means that the minimum measurement distance is 0.6 meters, which cannot meet its requirements. Therefore, unless the 24G radar manufacturer intends to increase the bandwidth, its blind area is too large and does not meet the requirements of parking space detection. In addition, parking space sensors need to work for more than 5 years. At present, most 24G radar sensors are designed with MMIC+ antennas. The antenna is exposed to the outside, and it is easy to oxidize and corrode when working for a long time, which affects performance. Acconeer's unique PCR radar sensor integrates the antenna into the chip, which is another advantage.

"Baiyuda Technology actively contacted VMANX and introduced the characteristics, performance and development process of PCR radar sensors to its R&D engineers. VMANX was very interested in this and started research and development, with the help of Baiyuda's technical support and the development tools provided by Acconeer And API, Wei Chuan quickly completed the development work." VMANX Supply Chain Director Ge Yuanling said: "We are very happy to cooperate with Baiyuda and Acconeer, they provide professional technical support and excellent pre-sales and after-sales service. At present. , Our cumulative shipment of geomagnetic parking space sensors has exceeded 50,000. In addition, we have also reached a cooperation with Tencent to become the designated supplier of Tencent Cloud IoT products. Thanks to the excellent performance of PCR radar sensors, VMANX has already planned Use it in more products, such as smart trash cans and level gauges."