About Us

About Us


VMANX is a global electronic components design manufacturer, a pioneering innovative enterprise.


As a R&D manufacturing enterprise, VMANX operates well globally. Due to its professional ability, innovation capability and supporting integration capacity, VMANX is developing continually and stably in the constantly changing market. With a close relationship with customers and independent finance, its subsidiaries and joint ventures are all capable of independent operation.


VMANX provides customers with electronic touch control systems,LED car lights, input systems, thin film sensing systems, thin film electronic devices, and connectivity & conduction solutions. Its Solutions Department tries its utmost to meet customers’ expectations by integrating and providing a whole set of solutions that OEM and ODM need.


The products of VMANX are primarily utilized in automotive electronics, intelligent home, industrial equipment, medical electronics, commercial appliances, data, communications, security, energy system and other fields.  



The teams of VMANX

VMANX has three subsidiaries and five joint ventures,which spread over Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Shandong  and other places in China. By collaborative  operation,the company ensures that all projects are implemented and operated effectively.


Moreover,  VMANX has business representative offices and agents in Europe, North America and Asia. These offices cooperate with over 20 distributors. The close network relationship ensure that VMANX products are available in the international market in a safe and quick way.       



Our mission

To provide clean, safe and reliable solutions for partners and customers, and achieve sustainable development.       


The history of VMANX

On November 1st, 2006, VMANX establisheda workshop in Shajing, Shenzhen. In December 2007,Zhongman Technology Co., Ltd. was registered and established in Fuyong, Shenzhen.In 2008, Zhongman  Technology (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.(i.e. Foreign Trade Sales Division) was established.In January 2009, Zhongman Silk Screen & Die Cutting Factory was established in Shajing, Shenzhen.In June 2011, Thin Film Electronics Factory was established, which was relocated to Songgang, Shenzhen for expansion.


In August 2018, Dongguan Zhongman Industrial was established . In November 2018, the Dongguan Structural Parts Production Joint Venture Division was established , and automobile vehicles were established in January 2019 The light experiment department successfully applied for a patent for a new type of light-guide column car light. In March 2019, the light-guiding pillar-type automobile lamp experiment department (the world's first model) was established and put into production. In July 2019, the Zhongshan Electronic Touch Division Factory was established as a joint venture.


In July 2019, Zhongshan City established an IMD in-mold injection joint venture factory.   In January 2021, Shenzhen Foreign Trade Sales Headquarters (Shajing) was established.