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Custom Silver Printed Flexible Circuit

Flexible flexible circuits that can replace rigid printed circuit boards

Product Specification:
  • Operating voltage : <50VDC
  • Operating current : <100mA
  • Insulation resistance : 250MΩ
Product Details


Silver Printing Flexible Circuit Solution

To provide customers with more cost-effective solutions, VMANX is honored to launch a high-performance "silver printed flexible circuit" solution. This flexible circuit is made of polyester substrate, with finely spaced narrow silver traces and complex components, which can replace traditional polyester imide etched copper wire circuits.


Product features:

Polyester substrate - a flexible circuit that can be bent to replace rigid printed circuit boards. More cost-effective than polyesterimide.

The distance between lines is only 0.5 mm. In customized designs, this size can be further reduced, with low trace resistance and good conductivity, which can form various effective low-power signal circuits.

Adopting proprietary welding technology - using traditional surface mount welding process on polyester substrate to weld chips with narrow pin spacing (0.50mm) and microprocessors


Application field:

Consumer products/household appliances/industrial/medical equipment

UV curable sealant - protects solder joints from vibration and mechanical shock. Provide sturdy and durable connections for various applications

Silver printing - an alternative to copper etching technology, is a more cost-effective solution

Environmentally friendly products - no longer require the use of irritating chemicals or waste disposal facilities.

Embedded LED components

Enhanced backlighting for user interface


Precision silver printing flexible circuit

Silver printed circuits are an excellent choice for low current, low signal, and limited space product applications. By choosing silver printed circuits, customers can design products that can be bent. In addition, VMANX has exquisite precision printing technology, and the spacing between lines can be as narrow as 0.127mm. This technology enables silver printed flexible circuits to replace traditional copper wire circuits and be more cost-effective.


Product features:



Light cattail


Basic information:

Operating voltage:<50VDC

Operating current:<100mA

Insulation resistance: 250MΩ


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