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Car Seat Occupancy Sensor

Car seat pressure sensor

Product features:Preventing safety risks caused by children using motor vehicles

Product Specification:
  • Operating Voltage : Min 0/Max 5.5V
  • Working Current : Min 0/Max 50mA
  • Peak Current : Min 0/Max 100mA
  • Non Triggering Resistance(non load) : Min 10.0K/Max ∞Ω
  • Trigger Resistance(carrying human body) : Min 0/Max 100Ω
  • Insulation Resistance(no load) : Min 10/Max 20MΩ
Product Details

Special Test Weight:

 Multipoint pressure range:<50g 100%Non Conductive  

 Multipoint pressure range:>200g 100%Conductive

Connector:According To Customer Requirements

Application Program:

Safety Belt Reminder(SBR)

Taxi Automatic Message Accounting System

Sensors For Airbags

Medical Bed

Massage Chair

Office Chair

Product features:

1. Preventing safety risks caused by children using motor vehicles;


2. This sensor is A multi-point trigger, which requires both front and rear A(green area) and B(orange area) to be occupied by force at the same time and trigger to generate A switch signal and start the controller to start the vehicle;


3. When A and B are occupied by force at the same time, A switch signal will be sent out to collect and send to the MCU for judgment. Only when someone is occupied can the controller be started to drive the motor vehicle;


4. This sensor can prevent children and children from starting and opening the vehicle caused by safety accidents; (Principle: The children's occupied stressed area is distinguished from the adult's occupied stressed area. The weight of the adult and the pressure of the stressed area will simultaneously trigger the region A and B to generate switching signals, which can be collected and judged for discrimination.)


5. The weight of the child and the pressure generated by the stressed area cannot trigger the signal between A and B at the same time, and the sensor will not be able to give the switch signal to start the vehicle. The distance between the motor vehicle start switch and the seat makes the children and children cannot operate at the same time. The relationship between the children and children is judged by the distance between the sensor and the control switch. Only when the switch signal is generated by the sensor A and B at the same time can the controller be used normally. Therefore, the occupied area of the sensor and the distance between the controller can be linked at the same time, before the motor vehicle can be started.


6. The above methods can prevent the safety risks caused by children and children starting the motor vehicle without permission.

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