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Characteristics Of FSR Thin Film Pressure Sensors

Published by admin 2023-11-14 15:15:53


  VMANX.FSR thin film pressure sensor is a type of piezoresistive sensor widely used in various fields. Its working principle is to use the bending deformation of thin film materials to measure the external pressure applied to it. Thin film pressure sensors have the advantages of small size, light weight, high sensitivity, and fast response speed. Therefore, they have been widely used in medical equipment, automotive electronics, car seats, intelligent robot grabbing, power battery deformation detection, and directly used for human and object occupancy detection in smart homes, such as beds, seats, floor mats, children's beds, esports chairs, children's seats, sofas, and other fields.

  The working principle of VMANX.FSR thin film pressure sensor can be simply described as: when external pressure acts on the sensing area of VMANX.FSR thin film sensor, the thin film material will undergo bending deformation, which will cause changes in resistance value. VMANX.FSR thin film pressure sensors typically use the principle of resistance strain measurement, which indirectly calculates the magnitude of pressure by measuring changes in resistance values. Specifically, the sensing area of the thin film sensor is coated with resistive material. When the thin film is subjected to pressure, the resistance value of the resistive material will change. By measuring the change in resistance value, the magnitude of external pressure can be determined.

The production process of VMANX.FSR thin film pressure sensor mainly includes the selection of thin film materials, surface treatment processing of thin films, electrode production, packaging, and other links. Common thin film materials include polyester film, polyimide film, etc. These materials have good bending properties and mechanical strength, making them suitable for the production of thin film sensors. Thin film processing typically uses techniques such as printing, laser cutting, and die-cutting to form specified shapes and sizes. The production of electrodes usually adopts processes such as thin film conductive silver, pressure-sensitive carbon nanoparticles, and special pressure-sensitive polymer materials to achieve the coating of resistance materials and the connection of electrodes. Finally, the prepared thin film sensor will be packaged and protected to improve its stability and durability.

  Overall, VMANX.FSR thin film pressure sensors are a type of sensor with excellent performance and wide applications. With the continuous progress of technology and the expansion of application fields, the research and application of thin film pressure sensors will be further improved, providing more possibilities for development and innovation in various fields.