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Washing Machine IMD Touch Color Display Panel

Published by admin 2023-11-20 11:12:03


  The IMD touch color display panel of the washing machine is designed and developed by the VMANX brand!

  The VMANX touch IMD panel adopts a combination of IMD panel and color touch sensing membrane technology, with bright colors and very beautiful appearance, making the washing machine look more fashionable. Secondly, the touch function is designed with embedded technology, making controlling the washing machine very simple and convenient, which is very important for people who are usually busy with work.

  The VMANX touch IMD panel has the following characteristics: durable and reliable, not easy to scratch, waterproof, oil resistant, anti-interference, shockproof, color interface, etc., which allows end users to no longer worry about the loss of aesthetics and functionality due to external damage to the washing machine.