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Seat Belt Reminder

Bus seat belt alarm system

can detect if anybody sits or not, output signals to the seat belt warning device

Product Specification:
  • 1. Thin film pressure sensor :
  • 2. When the seat is not sitting, the sensor is disconnected, that is, the resistance is infinite :
  • 3. When the seat is seated, the sensor is switched on, and the resistance is ≤ 100Ω :
  • 4. The thickness of the film pressure sensor can be customized according to customers :
Product Details


Bus seat belt alarm system

1. Sensor-based detection: VMANX seat sensors utilizes to detect when seat belts are not fastened.
2. Alarm or warning system: Issues audible or visual alerts to remind passengers to buckle up.
3. Control unit: Manages the operation of the system and triggers alarms when necessary.
4. Customizable settings: Allows for adjustments to alarm sensitivity and timing.
5. Easy installation: Designed for simple integration into existing bus seating configurations.
6. Durable construction: Built to withstand the rigors of daily bus operation.
7. Compliance with safety regulations: Meets industry standards for passenger safety in public transportation vehicles.
8. User-friendly interface: Provides clear instructions for passengers on how to use the seat belts effectively.
9. Maintenance and diagnostic features: Includes tools for monitoring system performance and addressing any issues promptly.
10. Enhanced safety: Aims to improve overall safety for bus passengers by promoting seat belt usage.

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