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Touch Sensing Film

Car Air Conditioning Touch Circuit

This film induction film has excellent properties such as high strength, high toughness, high temperature resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance.

Product Specification:
  • With high strength :
  • High temperature resistance :
  • Aging resistance :
  • Corrosion resistance :
Product Details


The VMANX touch circuit has product flexibility and conductivity stability, as well as strong interference ability and ultra strong protection. It has a wide range of applications and can achieve keyboard backlighting on curved surfaces for capacitive user interface panels.



1. Suitable for various substrates, including polyethylene glycol (PET), polycarbonate, and glass, suitable for various applications that require durable, semi transparent circuits;

2. Capable of touch sensing and proximity sensing driving, supporting capacitive touch, sliders, and drive wheels to meet a wide range of design needs;

3. Thin and clear conductive sensors, compared to other technologies, support backlighting technology, which can save space;

4. No need to use more expensive optical transparent adhesive (OCA). Standard PSA is an effective application method for PEDOT;

5. Transparent circuits allow light to pass through them, thereby generating capacitive key backlight in the circuit;

6. Flexible transparent conductive sensors can be implemented on curved surfaces, allowing for more precise design;

7. Allow for low-temperature treatment and simplified design to reduce overall production costs.


Product specifications:

Working voltage: ≤ 50VDC

Insulation resistance: ≥ 100M Ω

Circuit resistance: ≤ 100 Ω

Working temperature: -40 ° C~+80 ° C

Storage temperature: -45 ° C~+85 ° C, working humidity: 45%~85%


Applicable scope:

Automotive air conditioning touch film, shift control touch film, window opening touch panel, steering wheel touch sensing film, sunroof light touch sensing film, atmosphere light touch sensing film switch, reading light sensing film switch, door light sensing film switch, and sunshade sensing film switch.

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