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PTC Membrane Heating Film

Published by admin 2023-11-20 10:17:41


  In recent years, with the increasing demand for car comfort, the heating function of car seats has gradually become one of the focuses of consumer attention. In cold winter, a warm and comfortable seat can provide passengers with a more enjoyable driving experience. As the core component for achieving the heating function of car seats, the VMANX series PTC thin film heating pads are highly favored due to their safety, efficiency, and stability.

  VMANX brand PTC thin film heating element is a heating material based on the Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) effect. It is formed by alternating lamination of conductive polymer materials with thin films and graphene layers, and has the advantages of rapid heating, automatic temperature adjustment, and constant heating power. In car seats, PTC film heating pads can quickly reach the set temperature through current flow, and can continuously and stably generate heat, providing passengers with a comfortable riding environment. VMANX automatic temperature control heating film is made of polymer materials through silk screen printing and packaging technology, without the need to add a temperature controller to adjust the temperature. The product itself has an automatic temperature control function, which is called VMANX The advantages of PTC automatic temperature control heating film provide a favorable guarantee for the heating safety of car seats.

  Compared to traditional electric wire heating pads, VMANX PTC thin film heating pads have many advantages: firstly, PTC thin film heating pads use a new combination of materials, which can achieve higher heating power at lower voltages and greatly improve energy utilization efficiency. Secondly, PTC thin film heating pads have the function of automatically adjusting the temperature, which can automatically adjust the heating power according to the environmental temperature, avoiding the problem of high or low temperature, and improving safety performance. In addition, VMANX PTC thin film heating pads also have good corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, cold and hot shock resistance, and can operate stably for a long time in complex automotive environments.